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I Am Naughty Review

I Am Naughty is a simplistic dating site with a low user base and a prevalence of bot profiles. You’ll find it slightly challenging to find genuine matches due to the high number of fake accounts. Even though its user interface is straightforward, there’s more beneath the surface. Their unique features such as ‘Flirtcasts’ and ‘Promote my account’ are designed to enhance your journey into intimate relationships. To fully communicate, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium account. More opportunities for uncovering the platform’s true potential are just a click away.

I Am Naughty Overview

Diving into the world of I-Am-Naughty, you’ll find it’s a poorly maintained replica of countless similar dating sites, plagued by a low user count, persistent bugs, and an influx of bots. It’s a bleak scene, and one that doesn’t promise the easy, enjoyable experience you’re seeking. The site’s userbase is significantly smaller than that of more popular platforms, reducing your chances of finding a suitable match.

Continuing your exploration, you’ll encounter various technical issues. These bugs disrupt the user experience, hindering your ability to connect with potential matches. It’s frustrating, to say the least. You want to focus on the exciting world of online dating, not nagging technical issues.

Worse still, you’ll notice a high percentage of bot-generated profiles. These artificial accounts detract from the authenticity of your interactions. Instead of connecting with real, like-minded individuals, you’re left sifting through a sea of false profiles.


Overall Rating

Who It’s For?

Despite its flaws, I Am Naughty can be a suitable platform for those who can tolerate a low user count, persistent bugs, and an abundance of bots. This may seem like a tall order, but if you’re the type who appreciates the journey in your quest for intimacy, this site may just work for you. It attracts a certain type of user who values the thrill of maneuvering through the hurdles to uncover potential matches.

Moreover, if you’re a single who doesn’t mind investing in a Premium account to send messages, I Am Naughty could be your cup of tea. The paid account opens up the messaging feature, allowing for deeper connections to be formed. This means that while the free version may not offer much, it’s a different story once you upgrade. The power to connect with others is in your hands.

Furthermore, I Am Naughty is best for individuals who find satisfaction in simplicity. If a few features are enough to keep you engaged, then you’ve found your match. The site’s interface is straightforward, allowing users to focus on their connections rather than getting lost in a multitude of confusing features.

I Am Naughty Not for

If you’re someone who relishes the presence of numerous active users or seeks quick, fruitless hookups, then I Am Naughty may not be your ideal platform. This website, despite its cheeky name, doesn’t cater to those seeking fleeting encounters or superficial connections. Rather, it targets individuals inclined towards more profound and meaningful relationships.

The site might be a letdown for you if you’re tired of interacting with fake profiles or bots. I Am Naughty is not exempt from this common issue plaguing many online dating platforms. If you’re wary of wasting your time chatting with non-genuine users, you might want to reconsider your choice.

Moreover, if you’re hoping to connect with a wide array of active users, I Am Naughty might disappoint. The platform doesn’t boast a vast active user base like some of its competitors. So, if you’re looking for a smorgasbord of potential matches, this platform might not meet your expectations.

I Am Naughty Special Features

Moving on to some unique attributes, I Am Naughty does offer a few special features that stand out, aimed at enhancing your online dating experience. The ‘Promote my account’ feature, for example, automates your online presence. It sends your status as a promotional message from your account, likes matches for you, and even adds them to your favorite list. This feature allows you to maintain an active profile even when you’re busy or offline.

The second standout feature is ‘Flirtcasts’. This mass messaging system lets you choose from pre-written messages to send to multiple people simultaneously. If they’re intrigued, they’ll fire a message back. However, this feature does require you to have a profile picture. Without one, you won’t be able to take advantage of it.

While these features are designed to make the process easier and more enjoyable, they aren’t a guarantee for success. You’ll still need to put in effort and time to find a match that fits your desires. Nevertheless, these special features can certainly enhance your user experience, making the search more efficient and engaging.

Using I Am Naughty for Hookups

When it comes to using I Am Naughty for hookups, initiating a conversation is straightforward; you only need to click on ‘Chat’ beneath the photo of a girl you’re interested in and send her a message. However, it’s important to understand that the majority of active users aren’t genuine. Instead, they send frivolous, nonsensical messages, pretending to be real women, even when your profile is devoid of any information.

Moreover, to communicate fully on this platform, you’re required to subscribe to the paid plan. In the absence of a premium membership, you’ll constantly be prompted to upgrade your account each time you attempt to open a chat. This could potentially interrupt the smooth flow of your conversation, making it a bit frustrating.

In essence, while I Am Naughty offers a simple way of initiating conversations, the authenticity of its users and the necessity of a paid membership to engage fully may somewhat limit its effectiveness for hookups. Judging from these observations, it’s clear that the site might not meet your expectations if you’re seeking genuine and uninterrupted intimate conversations.



Frequently Asked Questions

You’d find their customer service quite responsive. They’re adept at addressing your concerns and complaints promptly. You’ll likely appreciate their dedication to ensuring your satisfaction and resolving any issues you might encounter.

You’re guaranteed safety and privacy on this platform through robust data encryption. They’ve implemented strict profile verification measures, and any reported or suspicious activity is swiftly addressed. Your private information’s well-protected, providing safe online exploration.

Yes, there’s a mobile app for I Am Naughty. You’ll find it user-friendly with its interactive features. It functions just like the website, offering you an easy way to connect with potential matches on the go.

You’ll find that ‘I Am Naughty’ has robust systems in place to manage fake profiles and potential scams. They employ advanced algorithms and human moderators to detect and eliminate any fraudulent activity, ensuring a safe dating environment.

To delete or deactivate your account on this platform, you’ll navigate to your account settings, select ‘remove account’, then follow the prompts, confirming your decision. It’s straightforward, ensuring you’re in control of your online presence.


To sum up, if you’re looking for fun and casual hookups, I Am Naughty is definitely for you. However, it’s not ideal for serious relationships. Special features like the Flirtcast and advanced search options add spice to your experience. But remember, success on this platform depends on your ability to effectively use these features. So, be naughty, have fun, but also be smart while using I Am Naughty.

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